Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring . . . blossoms and babies!

Starting from where we left off . . . Tegan won the District History Fair, but they only took secondary students to state. She was very happy though and we were very proud of her!

The end of March I was able to fly to D.C. and visit with my east coast family! The cherry blossoms were blooming and we were able to go see those. Thanks to Parker and Jenn for tolerating grandma's wishes! The boys were great and it was a lot of fun. Sooo pretty with all the trees blooming. Only bad thing was I was only able to stay a few days, but it was worth it.

The little guys riding in the van - ready for the day!

Beautiful trees around Jefferson Memorial
Cute guys!
Heading home - all pooped out!
What a sweetie! Grandma had such fun with this little guy!
Christine was home for a flash for Easter then she had finals and was off to D.C. for the month. We miss her! Three of my kids are on the east coast this summer - missing all of them.
Shane was also home for Easter then took off to Baltimore this summer selling with APEX. We kind of miss him :) Just kidding. He was my late night movie buddy and traveling partner, so I miss him a lot!

One blessing was to have Tyce for a few days when Jenn made the trip out for her sister's graduation. He loved the swing!

Tegan and Cole hand painting. Jackie is such a good mom and so creative (this was her idea). My poor kids when they were little were prohibited from making messes! As you can tell Tegan is loving this too!
I thought this was a cute pic of Jackie's little ice cream tray! She no longer has this convenience!
Home for Mother's Day. Wish we could have had all the family here. It was such fun with Tyler, Jackie, and Cole and had a wonderful day.
Tegan played spring soccer with Tommy Olsen as her coach. She is a good little player. She has a great athletic ability with all sports, so will be interesting to see which she chooses!
Meet little Kate Bliss! What a beautiful baby, of course. She weighed 6 lbs 7 ozs and was 19.5 inches long. She was born at 6:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 22. Jackie was supermom and with only two pushes she was here! We are so thrilled to have a beautiful granddaughter join our family. She has tons of hair, thanks to daddy's genes.

Little Cole is the sweetest little brother and loves baby Kate. He was so excited when he first saw her and literally could not wait to hold her.
So precious . . .

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Tyler, Jackie, Cole said...

Great post! It is so wonderful to hear how everthing is going. Thank you so much for all your help with the new little one and taking care of Cole. We love y'all so much, TP