Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness!

Happy 94th Birthday Mom and grandma! Mom turned 94 on the 20th. She had a special visit from Jackie and Cole who helped her celebrate with German Chocolate cake! Burke and Denny and a special friend, Lynne Smith also visited her on this special day and brought beautiful flowers. Julie Wilkerson, another special friend, came by earlier in the week. The highlight of the day was getting her hair done and going to McDonald's!

Cole is showing us how old grandma is!

To update you all on the History Fair. Tegan and her friends took 3rd place at District with their Butch Cassidy exhibit. They did a great job with a tremendous amount of competition.

We were soo excited to have Christine home for a few days of her spring break. Of course, Tegan was thrilled to have someone take time to paint rocks with her! We also went to the show "Race to Witch Mountain" and took a trip to Wal-Mart. Christine, thanks for remembering your family - we love to have you home.

We have also been very busy getting Grandma's house ready for Parker and Jenn who will be moving in on the 28th, which we are so excited to have them close for the summer. Here are a few items that were not claimed by the family. If you know of anyone who is interested, please advise them of this post or have them call me.
Beautiful oak dresser with mirror. Excellent condition.
Oak china hutch with metal and glass front panels. Light inside. Excellent condition.
Matching oak dining room table with four side chairs and two captain chairs. Also, includes two extra table leaves. Heavy, excellent quality.

White brand sewing machine with cabinet. Needs minor repair.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Misc pix

A few recent pix:

Hubby, father, and son-in-law gave his "girls" flowers for Valentine's Day. What a sweetie!

Jackie and Tyler trusted us with their little guy for a couple of days, which was awesome! Of course nothing got done but kissing Cole, playing with Cole, feeding Cole, holding Cole, kissing Cole, watching Cole, kissing Cole - we just had so much fun and he was sooo good. We think Tegan got him to say "stair" haha, he is so smart!
What a smiley guy! and such a good eater!

So much fun!

Tegan and her friends Bailey and McKell entered the school history fair last week with Butch Cassidy as their subject. They did an excellent job and got first place, so on to District this Thursday! Yeehah, way to go girls!

Did you know Butch never shot a man? He also gave a couple $500 to pay the banker for their taxes on their farm and then robbed the banker on his way home! What you don't learn when your kids do projects in elementary school!!