Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tegan Takes the Gold!!

Congratulations to Tegan for taking Grand Sweepstakes Winner at the Neola Elementary History Fair with her project "The Invention and Innovation of the Phonograph". We are very proud of her and all the work she put into her project. She did a lot of research and had a very colorful board, which I'm sure caught the eye of the judges, as well as her knowledgeable presentation. She will go on to district competition next week, so stay tuned . . .

Here's one late night before the fair!

Here are some pictures taken a while back that I thought were cute. Cole loves feeding the horses apples and isn't afraid to put them right in their mouth. Thank heavens we have nice horses that don't bite! (at least not on purpose)
I think Uncle Shug was trying to get him to do something "silly"
Okay, this kind of starts off the home remodeling project we are in the middle of right now. Tyler, Jackie, and Cole came and stayed a couple of days and Cole loved running around in the big empty bedroom. He was hiding behind the curtains and would run out laughing. After a few times his face started getting black and we are going what the? I am so embarrassed - the curtains were so dusty they were rubbing off on his little face. He couldn't figure out why we were laughing so hard at him. He looked like a little chimney sweep!
We began by bumping out the bedroom and bathroom upstairs to extend over the balcony, which is no more!
This is a before of the exotic 70's bathroom. That wallpaper may come back - not so sure about the zigzag carpet!
This is an in-progress picture of the same space.
Hallelujah, we finally got the stone on the wall in the family room! You can get a lot done faster when you decide to NOT do it yourself!
Here's a few more of little Cole. Jackie and Tyler let me kidnap him for a few days and we had a lot of fun at McDonald's, grocery shopping, four-wheeling and sledding, eating, cuddling, reading stories, etc., etc. He is such a good little guy and so polite. Thank so much for sharing your sweet little guy with us - we love it!

We truly love having the grandkids and miss Jackson, Josh and Tyce so much. I am planning a little trip out east the end of this month, so I can't wait to see them all!