Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all about the grandkids!! (seriously)

As you know, I LOVE having family come home, especially the grandkids!! We had fun with Jackie and Cole visiting a couple of days while Tyler was at Klondike. I feel bad we only got a couple of pictures and one was Jackie's peed on shirt!!

Okay, so this is what little Cole did to his Mommy!! Oh Joy!!

. . . and this is what Mommy did to little Cole!!It was such great fun just to relax and have fun with little Cole. Of course, Jackie did all the work and just let grandma and Cole play!!

Next, we had Jackson and Josh for a few days while Jenn visited a friend in Idaho. They were such cute little guys and sooo good.

After I would get them out of the bath they would say "tuck me in Grandma". I'm not sure what that meant, but we would wrap them up tight in the towels! (Sorry if I got that wrong boys).

I am sure the highlight of their stay was the rides Tegan gave them on "grandma's stroller"!

(I hope everyone notices in the background the beautiful pantry door Tyler put in over the holidays. He cut, sanded, stained, installed!! What a guy!)

After our plans to go swimming at the rec center fell through, we went to the Dinosaur Museum instead. Even though they had been once they still had tons of fun. In fact, they were the only kids in there and had the whole place to themselves, which was great!

The boys thought they were so "brave" standing next to these big guys!

Needless to say I love my grandkids. Christine, Shane, and Tegan I hope you are not feeling too neglected! You know I love ya'. And sorry Jackie and Parker, but once you have kids they are welcome anytime - you need an appointment! Haha

Fun in the Sun!

Back in January Bart had a continuing education class in St. George, so we took the opportunity to get out of the cold and accompany him down there. We were not disappointed and had wonderful weather. Of course, we went swimming at the hotel and did some shopping. It was a great little get-a-way. Thanks to Burke and Denny, and Deanne for taking care of grandma while we were gone!
Tegan and I rented some bikes and went all over the trails the first day. I actually got a little sunburn on my cheeks :( Tegan's helmet had a visor:) It was GREAT fun.

Tegan had her first experience at miniature golf! Nine years old and never played miniature golf - Poor sheltered child!
"uh-hum . . . Tegan a little shorter on the back swing"
This is Johnson Farm Dinosaur Discovery site. This was very interesting. This site was recently discovered in 2000 by a farmer. There are tons of dinosaur tracks in the petrified? fossilized? mud.

This is the single largest block of dinosaur tracks in the world on display!