Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trip to Virginia!

I promised Jenn I would do a post when I got home, but I didn't promise when!! Anyway, I got to thinking one reason I probably don't blog too often is because I have a hard time choosing photos. As you will see I just decided to practically include them all because they are all so cute and we had such a fun time. We flew out October 13 and Bart and Tegan flew home on the 16th, but grandma got to stay until the 20th to make sure and stock up on lots of hugs!!

Parker and Jenn were very gracious hosts and we had a wonderful time. The weather cooperated nicely. It rained one day when we were inside the Air and Space Museum and bowling, so didn't ruin too many plans. I can't believe how beautiful it is this time of year back there. I love it because there are So many trees and you don't realize how close you are to the city.

One of my favorite things to do - just hanging out with the kiddos!

Just a cute pic of Tyce. He was soo good while we were there despite getting sick later on. He was always smiling and would bring you a book and then back up so you could pick him up - too cute!!
Cute pic of Jack getting ready to ride bikes!
This trail is not very far from their house and we had it all to ourselves! Such a beautiful day - oh dear I am missing them!

Haha we were picking out pumpkins to carve and Tyce thought they were just his size to sit on!
Oh my goodness this Air and Space Museum was amazing - so huge. They had a control tower that let you experience what working in one might be like. Inside was every kind of aircraft including a Concord, Space Shuttle, the stealth jet (yes real ones), military planes and bombs, etc. It was so interesting. Could have spent at least another day there!

Bowling is always a fun activity for everyone and the boys just love it. Here is little Tyce getting in on the action. Haha water bottle at the ready!

It was fun to be included in the annual pumpkin carving! I think the boys were a little braver this year about getting their hands icky!
The cutest little pumpkin of all!

We also had grandma's arts and crafts classes regularly!! Here we are making funny (scary) puppets. We also painted small pumpkins and did leaf impressions.

Jackson really wanted to make a rocket, so this is our best attempt!
There were some great parks for the kids. This one was called Clemijontri - I think. Anyway, it had so many areas and fun things. Remember the haunted convenience store Jenn?

This was at a different park. Grandma used the GPS and drove cause Tyce needed a good nap so Jenn stayed home with him. We just got to the park and both little guys had to go to the bathroom. No bathroom at the park, so grandma, not knowing where in the heck she is going, starts driving. Thank heavens we ran into a McDonalds not very far. Thank heavens for GPS to get us back to the park! Poor Jackson got stuck!

On the way home we were laughing pretty good at Tegan's flower clip!! It kept getting lower and lower as we went!
Outside their preschool. It was such fun to be a part of their everyday lives!

Well that was quite a travel log, but was so much fun. Can't wait to have them in Utah next. Miss you all. Thanks for such a great time. Hugs and Kisses!