Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, I am trying this again. I think this is way over my head! Part of the last post got deleted somehow. I was saying how much I love looking at my kids blog sites, which I check almost every day, and then said don't expect too much or to frequently from mine. Anyway, I better get help trying to put pictures on because this is too complicated. I am wanting to put some pictures on of our puppies that are almost four weeks old and will be ready to go to good homes in a couple more weeks. Anybody out there want an ADORABLE puppy?!

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Tyler & Jackie & Cole said...

Mom! You're amazing! And doing a great job. Sorry we didn't get around to working on your blog over the weekend, let's do it this time. I'm so proud of you and REALLY excited that now we can keep up with what's going on at home.